Not just a doctor. 


Most people don’t identify as just one thing; I am one of those people. As someone who had trouble picking a major and a career course, due to a vast interest in so many different things. I still have trouble focusing on just one thing. However, I believe all my interests and talents make me a well rounded physician and person. There is no reason my interests need to be separated out, as I once thought they did. 


As a young person I had an interest in movement, which then got me interested in the body, which led to a love for medicine. My practice and interests continue to change as I grow as a person. And I still love movement. 


Let’s start from the beginning. I grew up in and around Miami. I dropped out of high school and started college at sixteen, pursuing  a degree in Dance. As life took course and plans changed, I left south florida and moved to NYC to finish my bachelors in Biology. From there I moved to San Diego to attend Bastyr University, completing a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine. While seeing patients in clinical rotations, I noticed a neglect for patients sexual wellbeing. This has led me to specialize my practice in sexual medicine. 


What this specialty means to me as a clinician has changed over the course of the last few years. While I see patients in practice, and even still practice standard naturopathic medicine because it all ties together, I have noticed a great need for sex education and couseling. Although my practice has changed several times over the course of the years, my focus is, and always will be my patients overall wellbeing. The need for education has motivated me to spread awareness and educate far beyond my patients, leading to the development of Sex Posi-Tees, In the Raw podcast, and online health programs.