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 IV/Injection menu


The Essentials/Vitamin Cocktail: Don’t let the name fool you. This is a powerful, multipurpose IV that may be used for fatigue, depression, anxiety, muscle pains and spasms, autoimmune disease, fibromyalgia and so much more. Great for before or after a night out $175

Chill Pill: This IV can help you defeat chronic stress and the side effects of stress. Alpha lipoic Acid and other nutrients such as b-vitamins and magnesium assist your body by adapting to stress response by lowering cortisol (the stress hormone) $199 

Kick-ass: Much like the cocktail with an extra immune boosting kick. Great for when you feel run-down, fighting a bug, or pre-travel immune prep. $199 


Chillaxer: This IV will calm you down, release your muscles and allow you chill out. Great for anxiety and those whom have tense muscles. $199

Joint Fixer: Nutrients for joint repair and inflammation reduction. Great for joint pains, urological conditions, and autoimmune diseases. $225  


Work it: This IV contains nutrients essential for healthy hair, skin and nails. Guys deserve glowing skin too. Perfect for hair or nails that break easily. Comes with a glutathione push for that glow. $225

Oxygenator: Great for boosting the immune system, acute and chronic infections and for lung diseases, such as COPD. $249 (special order)

NAD: This regenerative compound is used for everything from anti-aging, degenerative diseases, and treatment of addictions. NAD+ reverses oxidative stress to organs including the brain. Great for treating mood disorders as well. $299

Radiance Push: Glutathione is a naturally occurring, antioxidant used by our major organs to eliminate free radicals. Lifestyle, aging and chronic disease states deplete this master antioxidant leading to organ damage. This treatment is great for chronic diseases or even after a night of drinking. $99


High Dose Vitamin C: Used to complement cancer and chronic viral infection treatments. 

25 grams $225/ 50 grams $249/ 75 grams $269. Blood tests required prior to administration.

Custom IV: Inquire for details. Price varies.  

Fat melter IM Injection: A great addition to your exercise and diet plan. This blend of amino acids and B-vitamins increases utilization of fat to increase energy and decrease that spare tire. Best if done routinely. $59


Pure Man: Combination of the Fat Melter, Magnesium, and Glutathione. This shot will make you feel strong and invincible. Get pre- or post- workout, preventing or getting over a bug, pre-travel or just for a pick-me-up. $79