Dr. Sef Tritt- San Diego Sex Doctor

Men's Health Unlike women, men have no specialists to care for their overall health. Most men rely on their Primary care physician, but often get referred to a Urologist for male related concerns. However, Urologists are specialists in the urinary system and may not be well versed in hormones or other aspects of Men's Health. After a year of internship with a Urologist, I decided it was this area seemed underserved and needed more attention. Additionally, the patients I saw in both primary care and Urology had sex -related questions that often went unanswered or were even given wrong information. 

Peptides are innovative treatments which are fairly new to medicine. Some common peptides you may have heard of, like hCG or HGH (human growth hormone). Peptides offer therapeutic options that were once not available with so many uses, such as regeneration, anti-aging, muscle growth, or hormone stimulation. 

Sexual Health and Sex/Relationship Coaching Sex education is severely lacking in the US, leaving most to pornography for instruction and preparation. This leads to false expectations and stigma, as well as insecurities. It is my passion to educate and teach others how to have satisfying sex, which is crucial for wholistic well-being. We must remember that physicians are people too that recieved little or no sex education, since it is not part of medical education, leading to sexual health to over be overlooked or wrong information given to patients. 

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